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“Santurce, a lively neighborhood, impressed me with its vibrant street art, diverse shops, and local charm during my first visit to San Juan.”


Lauren Munoz

As a first-time visitor to Old San Juan, the historical charm and vibrant energy captivated me at every turn. The cobblestone streets, ancient forts, and welcoming locals created a unique atmosphere that made my exploration a delightful blend of the past and present.


Ronald Snyder

“I loved Condado in San Juan with its laid-back charm and a lively beach scene. From strolls along Ashford Avenue to the sound of waves at La Ventana al Mar, every moment felt like a genuine taste of San Juan’s coastal magic for this first-time visitor.”


Jessica Hawkins

“San Juan’s lively spirit, from its historic landmarks to the warmth of its people, welcomed me as a first-time traveler with open arms, promising a journey filled with cultural richness and unforgettable moments.


Sean West

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