Coffee Plantation Experience

In a Coffee Plantation Experience tour, the following elements are typically included to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable exploration of Puerto Rico’s coffee culture: Guided Tour: Knowledgeable Guide: A knowledgeable guide leads the tour, providing insights into the coffee cultivation process and the history of coffee in Puerto Rico. Coffee Estate Visit: 2. Visit to a Coffee Estate: Participants have the opportunity to explore a working coffee estate, including coffee groves, processing areas, and scenic surroundings. Cultural and Educational Aspects: 3. Historical Insights: Learn about the historical significance of coffee in Puerto Rican culture and its role in the island’s heritage. Interactive Experiences: 4. Coffee Cultivation Process: Engage with coffee farmers and experts to gain an understanding of the coffee cultivation process, from planting and harvesting to bean selection and processing. Roasting Demonstration: Witness a live coffee bean roasting demonstration and learn about the different roast profiles and their impact on flavor and aroma. Tastings and Sensory Experiences: 6. Coffee Tastings: Enjoy the highlight of the tour with coffee tastings, where you’ll sample freshly brewed Puerto Rican coffee and discover its unique aromas and flavors. Scenic Beauty: 7. Scenic Landscapes: Revel in the picturesque landscapes surrounding coffee estates, offering a serene and visually captivating backdrop for the tour. Optional Visit: 8. Gift Shop: Some tours may include a visit to a coffee-related gift shop, allowing participants to purchase coffee beans, souvenirs, and coffee-related products.. The tour typically spans around 3-4 hours, providing ample time for an informative and engaging experience. This booking includes round-trip transportation from designated locations in San Juan or other nearby areas, at no extra cost. Please see Pick Up & Transportation form once you book the tour.

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If you’re curious about the process of coffee production from harvest to cup then this tour is for you! On this ALL DAY adventure, you will visit a private coffee plantation, located in the highest mountains of Puerto Rico. Learn from professional coffee collectors as you walk by the field of Arabica beans and try your hand at picking the cherries (when in season). Learn about the history, growing process of coffee, and the flora and fauna of the area. When we arrive to the Hacienda you will be welcomed with a freshly brewed cup and delicious fresh fruits, before touring a coffee roasting plant where beans are processed, roasted and packed for commercial use. You’ll also get to learn about the history, growing process of coffee, and the flora and fauna of the area. See how coffee beans are picked (during the harvest months of October – January), processed, roasted and packed. Tour “the coffee vault”, where all the coffee is kept in a perfectly humidity-controlled room. After the visit at the coffee plantation, we will continue to follow the old coffee trade and make a stop at the historical main center of Ponce, where you will get to have lunch and see on a drive thru important sites in downtown such as Ponce’s Cathedral, the Parque de Bombas (old firehouse) among others.


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