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Remote Medical Consultations: Access virtual medical consultations from the comfort of your hotel room or vacation rental, ensuring that you receive timely medical guidance and care. Health Assessments: Virtual physicians can assess your health and provide recommendations for any issues you may be experiencing while traveling. Prescriptions and Medication Refills: If you require prescription medications or refills during your trip, our virtual physicians can help with prescribing and advising on proper usage. Pre-Travel Health Planning: Consult with a virtual physician before your trip to ensure you are prepared for any specific health concerns or vaccinations required for your visit to Puerto Rico. Health Advice: Seek advice on minor illnesses, injuries, or general health inquiries, such as cold and flu symptoms, allergies, or minor injuries. Specialized Care: If you have pre-existing medical conditions or require specialized care, our virtual physicians can offer guidance and support tailored to your needs. Mental Health Support: Access virtual mental health consultations to address stress, anxiety, or emotional well-being while traveling. Prescription Referrals: If your situation requires in-person care, virtual physicians can refer you to local healthcare providers and clinics. Languages: Our service accommodates different languages, making it accessible to travelers with various language preferences. Medical Emergency Coordination: In the event of a medical emergency, virtual physicians can provide guidance on seeking immediate care and assist with coordination. 24/7 Availability: Enjoy access to medical advice and consultations around the clock, ensuring you can receive assistance whenever you need it. This is a virtual consultation. You will receive the zoom link once the service is booked and confirmed. Service duration is 1 hour.

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Travel with peace of mind knowing that our on-demand personal physician service is at your side. Whether you’re journeying for business or leisure, our experienced doctors are available to address your medical needs with expert care and attention. From routine check-ups to immediate healthcare concerns, our physicians offer thorough evaluations and personalized recommendations. Enjoy the comfort of having a trusted medical professional who understands your health history and can provide medical assistance tailored to your specific requirements. With a commitment to your well-being, our personal physicians ensure that you can focus on enjoying your travels while having access to top-tier medical care whenever you need it.


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