Tobacco Plantation Experience

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Educational and Cultural Inclusions: Guided Tour: Knowledgeable guides lead the tour, offering insights into the history and cultural significance of tobacco cultivation in Rio Grande and Puerto Rico. Tobacco Fields: Participants have the opportunity to explore the lush tobacco fields, where the cultivation and harvesting of tobacco plants take place. Cigar Making Demonstration: Skilled artisans provide a demonstration of the cigar-making process, from selecting the right leaves to rolling and assembling cigars. Historical Narratives: Guides share historical anecdotes and stories about the importance of tobacco in Puerto Rican culture. Cigar Sampling (if available): Depending on the tour, participants may have the chance to sample a freshly rolled cigar and experience the distinct flavors of Puerto Rican tobacco. The tour typically spans around 2-3 hours, providing ample time for an informative and engaging experience. This booking includes round-trip transportation from designated locations in San Juan or other nearby areas, at no extra cost. Please see Pick Up & Transportation form once you book the tour.

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Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of tobacco farming at Puertorrican Finca, an iconic plantation nestled in the scenic landscape of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Embark on a captivating journey that traces the authentic process of tobacco cultivation and production, unveiling the magic behind each meticulously rolled cigar. “Plantation Explorer” allows you to delve into the heart of our facilities and observe the life cycle of tobacco—from seedling to the artful drying of mature leaves. Uncover the significant role of tobacco farming in Puerto Rico’s cultural heritage and economy as you navigate through vibrant tobacco fields and rustic drying houses. This is an immersive agricultural tour that brings you up close with the traditional process, the facilities, and the skilled farmers who make it all possible.

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  1. explorasanjuan

    Our guides were super friendly and knowledgeable, sharing stories about the plantation’s past and how tobacco has been a big part of Puerto Rico’s culture for ages. Walking through the fields, I got to see how the tobacco plants grow and how they’re taken care of at every stage.

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